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What are the differences between the isolation of Hwudi-Max and loose - fill insulation (mineral Nana, Cellulose, alveolar membrane, etc.)?
Hwudi-Max insulation foam seals hot or cold air inlet can blow through loose fill insulation. Hwudi-Max insulation foam is rigid, does not settle, does not generate bacteria or shrink over time, sedimentation of loose fill insulation reduces coverage area. Hwudi-Max insulating foam eliminates condensation inside the walls; Loose-fill insulation generates free-traveling moisture and increases the chance of general fungus, mold, speeding up the wood composition process, and generating bacteria.
Is it safe to use Spray Foam at home?
The Polyurethane product is approved National and International ENTE in coexistence with humans. (It is ecological).
Where can Spray foam insulation be used?
Spray foam insulation can be used anywhere in the home, just like traditional, lower-performance insulation. Foam spray insulation is ideal for hard to insulate areas because it stretches to completely isolate the area. These difficult to isolate areas may include, but are not limited to: Penthouses / Ceiling, Roofs in general, Basement, Walls, Livability spaces, Quinchos eaves etc.
At what point in the construction process do you install spray foam insulation?
Install spray foam at the same time as traditional fiberglass insulation, after passing mechanical and framing inspections, but before hanging the gypsum board.
What is Polyurea?
It is a 100% waterproof insulator and structural reinforcement.
What is Polyurethane?
It is a powerful thermal insulator with acoustic and hydrophobic properties.

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