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We have international experience

As a service company, we develop INTEGRAL SOLUTIONS in different areas, high-density polyurethane foam, thermal conditioning, energy and acoustic savings, providing comfort to our users.

Polyurea, waterproof and structural reinforcement, providing a definitive solution in all types of structures, whether cement or ferrous.

Security system and technology: remote situation control, state-of-the-art technology in all our products, advertising screens, LEDs, low-consumption lighting.
Network connectivity in all our systems (Solar Energy).
All our systems are applicable to Home, Commerce, Industrial and Agro.
We have a technical staff specialized in each area, providing technical solutions to all our clients.

The best ally for your projects

Investigation and development

We constantly devise, develop and test new technologies in order to create the solutions of the future today. Think about what doesn't exist yet. That's the challenge!

Commitment and innovation

We always believe that the best solution is the one that is yet to come. That is why we constantly incorporate new features and ask ourselves every day, how can we do better?

Science and Technology

Our innovative developments prove our constant vocation to incorporate the latest innovations in science and technology for the benefit of our customers.


Years of experience in the market

Constructive solutions

Waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation.

With projected polyurethane foam and hot projected polyurea, tailored to the needs of each client, after technical evaluation.

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Other services

Experience at the service of our clients

We have top quality equipment and the best experts with extensive knowledge in each area, so we can guarantee optimal application and thus obtain the maximum benefit from the product.

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Maza 1789/95

C1240, Buenos Aires, Argentina



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